Rio Samba and Blue Roses

Q I'm looking for a red-yellow hybrid tea rose called Rio Samba. Can you direct me to a place where I might find one? Also, is there a blue rose available? I've had a Paradise and a Blue Girl but did … [Read more...]

2014 MEVRS Annual Rose Garden Tour

(Click flier to enlarge.) If you love roses and you love gardens this is a must. Bring your sun hat, sunscreen, some water and a camera. And bring your rose questions for our Consulting … [Read more...]

2014 Spring Tours! The Rose Garden at MCC

Over 9,000 rose bushes! The best show in town! The Rose Garden at MCC is bursting with rose buds. The beds that were pruned first are just starting to bloom now. I snapped the picture above … [Read more...]

Crown Gall on Roses

While digging around my healthy Gemini rose bush I was surprised to find a mass of woody, bulbous growths, just under the top of the soil. They broke off easily. Bad news: crown gall. Because it was … [Read more...]

Low Growing Roses

Q I have two 4' x 4' flower beds in my front yard by the street exposed to the full sun in Mesa all day. I have hybrid tea roses all along the front of the house and would love to put low-growing … [Read more...]

When to Prune Roses in Arizona

Q Is mid January still the best time to trim roses, about 1/2 or has that recommendation changed?  I am an Arizona native and for over 40 years my husband and I trimmed them in January for wonderful … [Read more...]

Bermuda Grass – unwanted!

Q I have a problem with invasive bermuda grass in my rose beds. I'm 61 now and with arthritis in my shoulder I'm starting to lose this battle using brute force. Pull, mulch, or use some grass killer … [Read more...]

Gemini, an early bloom

I planted two new Gemini roses a few weeks ago. One had a bud on it. Here's the bloom. I missed the hybrid tea form stage but photographed it when it opened wide. It's 5 1/2 inches across. Gemini is … [Read more...]

Compost in the Rose Garden at MCC

Today and Saturday, March 8 you can come to the Rose Garden at MCC and buy bags of Ken Singh's compost. He delivers a mountain of it. Read about Ken Singh and his compost here. Volunteers spread it … [Read more...]

Rose Order from K & M Roses

I ordered 4 new hybrid teas from K & M Roses. They look pretty good, don't they! K & M has good customer support and fixes any problems with your order if there are any. These roses are … [Read more...]