KJZZ article on Rose Test Garden at MCC

Last Friday KJAZZ broadcasted about The Rose Test Garden at MCC. Go to their site to see more pictures and listen to the broadcast HERE. Here's the broadcast, if you prefer to read: There are a … [Read more...]

Why We Garden

I've never met Chris VanCleave (aka The Redneck Rosarian) but I feel like I know him from following his blog The Redneck Rosarian by email. So! Today he posted Garden Walks: The Journey of a … [Read more...]

The Summer Heat is Nearly Here

As the weather heats up we have fewer and fewer roses and they are smaller and smaller. Early every morning I cut all the roses I can and fill our smallest vases. I don't cut long stems because the … [Read more...]

Brown Leaves on My Roses

Q HELP! I came back after being gone a week, and my mature rose tree now has brown leaves where new buds/flowers should be growing. It looks as if it has lost it's volume. A neighbor took care of my … [Read more...]

Lots of Blooms

We're having a nice flush of blooms right now. Each morning I cut some bouquets to give and some to photograph. (You can click on the photos to see them bigger.) My favorite places to photograph … [Read more...]

Roses and Coffee

The coffee is great at Inside the Bungalow in Mesa, Arizona. I like to bring roses when I go for my Mocha. That's Moonstone from my new extremely vigorous bush and my favorite red, Veterans' Honor. … [Read more...]

Moonstone and The Reason I Grow Roses

I grow roses because I really, really love giving them away. In the morning I make up a bouquet or two and put them in the fridge. My husband might take one to work. Maybe one will go to a doctor's … [Read more...]

Rose leaves turning yellow – Watering Roses

Q I am a "snow bird" in Casa Grande with a small rose garden of 8 bushes. I have a current problem of yellowing leaves on nearly all bushes. It does not appear to be from excess water. I drip water … [Read more...]

Water Wand – Goodbye Aphids and Spider Mites

Q I need to purchase a water wand for washing aphids off of a couple of my rose bushes. I understand from my reading that the wands available in the big-box stores may not be most kind and effective … [Read more...]


Q My Hello Dolly just bloomed and I am so happy. But I now have the beginnings of a pest problem. There are these little brown bugs gathering at the base of new baby leaves and new rose buds. Do … [Read more...]